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Szlifujemy angielski z Fifi

Where is Ant Fifi?
The family of Ant Fifi lived on the edge of the forest in a huge anthill. Adult ants got up early in the morning and they went to bed only then, when the sun fell asleep. Well, unless somebody was as little as our Fifi. She was then allowed to sleep a little bit longer and she could play as much as she wanted, on the condition that she was back at home at five o’clock sharp.  
    - And what is five o’clock? - asked Fifi?
Fifi’s Dad drew a big circle and painted a little star on its edge. In the middle of the circle he put a big stick.
    - Look, Fifi - he said. - When the shadow of the stick meets with the star, you should come back home.
    - Yes, Daddy! - Fifi laughed and she dashed off to do somersaults. Every day was the same, but one evening Fifi didn’t come back home.
    - Why isn’t she back? - her father was worried.
    - She has always been so punctual - told her mother.
    - I’m going to call Tufi - the father decided. - We’ll try to find her.

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