Klub owieczki Magdy

Owieczka Magda

Szlifujemy angielski z Fifi (3)

Where is Ant Fifi (3)
The night was falling, when Fifi managed to come to a wall. It was transparent. Suddenly, she froze with horror. A terrible monster looked at her. His big eyes shone brighter than the lamp in her room.
–    Help! – she screamed.
–    Why are you screaming? – asked the creature.
–    Run away, you monster! – shouted Fifi.
–    I’m not a monster, I’m just a...
–    Who are you? – asked Fifi.
–    I am a cat – answered the creature.    
–    I don’t believe you.
–    If not, you can keep thinking I am a monster and being scared. Fear makes cowards of us all. Open your eyes and tell me what you are doing in this bottle – said the cat. 
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